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The power of a group

Établissements Carré, together with the Capron brand name, belongs to the French group known as 'Les jolies Céramiques SK SA' whose objective is to perpetuate French tradition and know-how within the field of ceramic tiles.

Included amongst the different Group subsidiaries, the following can be mentioned in passing i.e. the 'Émaux de Briare' mosaics, which have been famous throughout the world for the last 150 years or so due to their extremely high quality and their incomparable palette of colours and the 'Aurum Ceramics' company specialising in the metallization of ceramic tiles in all formats, for interior or exterior decoration.

Belonging to the J.C.K. SA Group has enabled Carre to expand its product lines with greater financial resources so that it can follow market trends and continue to affirm its identity as a manufacturer of top-of-the-range products with a strong personality.

Capron logo

Roger Capron

Creative tiles from the French Riviera

Roger Capron was a real artist, designing tiles inspired by the sunny Riviera.

Émaux de Briare logo

Émaux de Briare

Une qualité et des couleurs incomparables

Depuis 1845, mosaïques en émail massif pour l'architecture et la décoration.

Aurum logo

Aurum Ceramics

Metallized ceramics

This unique process enables to metallize all ceramics for decorative and architectural jobs.

Cerafrance logo


Architectural ceramics

Bespoke bricks, tiles, moldings and sculptures for heritage monuments and creative architecture.

K-ré Design logo

Kré Design

Contemporary tiles

Created by famous designers, these tiles will add a touch of color and spice up your interior.

Boutal logo

Pierre Boutal

Provence tiles and lava

Famous for its terracotta, Salernes tiles and lava are tailor made to decorate your home.

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